An experience about one of our trips to Bulgaria which I will never forget.

On this particular trip we were visiting children homes (don’t even remember the name of it), putting shoes and closes on the kids.

This pretty little girl about 4 years old came to me for shoes. I pulled her up on my lap and put on a new pair of shoes and a little pull-over top on her. After this I started to put her down to help another child.

Well she started crying (starving for affection) because I was putting her down. To make a long story short, I told the team of volunteers to go ahead, because I was staying right here. I set there and held her in my arms until it was time to leave.

Judy told me “NO you can’t take her home.”

I have always said that if I were rich, every youth in our church would take a trip to Bulgaria. They would come home with a whole different outlook of how fortunate we/they to live in this country.

PS from Cookie: This was the orphanage outside Kazanlak – where there are 3 buildings.  We were in the first building, upstairs, at the end of the hall in the play room where the mobile preschoolers can run around and play.  The hall is lined with rooms with children who are bedridden, some severely deformed.