The numbers of children living in large orphanages has decreased greatly. Many of the homes where we have ministered are now closed.For many years BCI had 5 full-time employees in the home for handicapped children in Vidrare. This home and Berk 4 are closed. The home for preschoolers in Pleven is closed. Seven smaller homes have been built for these children. Other homes have greatly diminished numbers of children. The baby home in Vratsa which once housed 115 babies had only 18 last week. We pray that the children have better care in these smaller settings. It is much more difficult, though, for BCI to meet some of their needs. It is especially difficult to have large teams come to work in such tiny places. So, BCI is developing a plan to bring the kids to us – at the Learning Center – for “camp” activities! Volunteer teams will be able to provide hours of VBS, sports, music, play activities with larger groups of children at the center. This is a lot to arrange: persmissions, food, transportation, etc. for the children and, of course, caring for the needs of the volunteers. But BCI will work to make it happen!

We still need your prayers, your expertise, and your support. Lives are being redeemed at Learning Center Borovtsi and Bulgarian Child still ministers to children in need. If you, your church or organization would like to get involved, please contact us!